Monday, June 9, 2008

I found this photo on the Menifee 24/7 site, just wanted to share what we face here...
is this scary or what? there are a few gas stations a little cheaper but it looks like we will be facing $5.00 a gallon soon the way things are going.

I don't see how our rebate checks will "stimulate" the economy....ours (still waiting for it) will go to pay bills and buy gas..have you got yours yet?
Its a hot day today...we opened up the house this morning and shut it this afternoon....still not bad inside yet and we hope we won't need to turn on the AC if we can help it.....we watered early this morning so the plants are ok.
I marinated some carne asada yesterday and its ready for the grill this evening....I also made a cherry pie yesterday..
Friday night I made Crash Hot Potatoes that Ree has on her website, Pioneer Woman Cooks....we like the flavor of dill, so that is the herb I used and even the boys really liked them.....I should have cooked them a little longer in the pot before I took them out as when I used the potato masher on them, two of them just broke apart entirely but still tasted yummy...this recipe is a keeper..

I haven't found anything but good recipes on her site....the latest posting is for green beans which are one of my favorites.
Here is the photo of the barristers bookcase Alan's John Deere tractor collection is in...the swinging doors go into the kitchen...the little rocker is one we bought for Donny back in Amish country Iowa.