Monday, June 30, 2008

Hard to believe half a year is over..time goes by too will be Christmas before we know it....good time to start any Christmas projects or handmade gifts you may be thinking about...I have the last pillowcase almost finished, then I'm going to do some cross stitching for some journal covers...I just found out my next door neighbor is expecting so I might make a nice quilted baby blanket, the baby is due in late November or early December.....think I will use the circus animal transfers I wrote out earlier.
I also added some free tutorials and patterns sites on the left if you are interested in needlework, etc.

Please remember to pray for dear Cora..she is going tomorrow for a biopsy and a talk with the surgeon....a trying time for her.

Gas is so high, we really haven't gone or done anything much..our gas is $4.65 right
now and it is said it will go up to $5.00 a gallon by the 4th. We have millions (160+) of barrels of oil here in the States, the oil companies would like to drill but its all held up in is said that there is enough oil to keep Americans free of imports and produce enough to help our own people for the next 60 years...long enough to develop alternate fuels...I could say more but I won't...but be sure you look into this before the next election ...find out who is holding us back and making us dependent on imports. Listen carefully.
I remember as a child, that Texas was the big oil state and the middle east was just dusty tents in the desert....