Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Chat

PhotobucketI just found a new feature for my blog. You will notice on the left hand side at the top, there is a new bible verse, a small speaker is posted there, just click on it and you will hear the scripture being read...its very good and hope you will profit from it greatly.
I was reading old posts on the blog, the Spiritual Heritage of our Founding Fathers and was blessed greatly with one in particular....but when I went back, couldn't find it again....the gist of the post was that as Christians we should have the mind of Christ and everything in our lives should be filtered by that....too often we don't read the Bible as we should, we read all types of other Christian books by pastors and teachers but not the one source that leads to eternal life, gives comfort, strength and hope.
Frankly, I haven't read any books by Christian authors, pastors or teacher in quite a while...we've been misled too many times by popular teachings that are off the mark.
If you go way back in my blog, I talk about the deception we were under for over 8 years....it happens all too easily. The bad teaching that is going around is even worse now than then. Marantha!
I've been reading only the bible on a daily basis and have grown so much in doing so..I encourage you to do the same. and if you do read other teaching, or blogs or whatever, please be like the Bereans and check everything by the scriptures to see if it is right.
At the bottom of this blog, there is a online daily Bible reading plan, its what I use.

we are so thankful today that our weather has cooled off...although they say it will warm up during the weekend. We actually each enjoyed the first fruits of our fig tree yesterday, we found 4 ripe figs, and they were so good....just picked from the tree..sweet and moist...we've been enjoying the nectarines too...they are small but so sweet and juicy...you bite into one and the flavor just explodes in your mouth.
They don't look real good, all organic but wow! Our youngest boy discovered them yesterday and ate 3 at one sitting.
The other day, he was talking with us and said "ya now, Mom, I am happy now with small things...its kinda cool".