Saturday, June 14, 2008

I want to give a small tribute to my dad today...he taught me many things, confidence, trust, faithfulness, honesty, humor and faith...
I remember him laughing so hard he cried.
I remember walking with him at the park, holding his hand and pushing me in the
swing higher and higher.
I remember his smile and the twinkle in his eye.
I remember him coming home from the Korean waving at everyone
on the ship coming into port, searching for his face, being wrapped in
his arms, my mother in tears..
I remember the smell of Brasso when he polished his brass buttons and
belt buckle of his Marine Corps uniform day before inspection.
I remember going camping and watching him fly fish...him cooking fresh
trout for breakfast.
I remember sitting in church, leaning over in the pew and watching him pray.
I remember him giving us Walnettos on our car trips, ice cream when I was
sick, and a soda every Friday evening as a treat.
I remember his favorite TV show was Gun Smoke, his favorite meal was Pepper Steak,
and he loved to barbecue.
His favorite singers were Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, and The Tijuana Brass.
His favorite color was blue, like his eyes.
and how handsome he looked in his dress blues.
I remember his lessons to be true to God, to yourself and your country, don't follow the crowd, always do your best. He said don't be so spiritually minded, you're no earthly good. He said do good to others and follow the golden rule.
Thanks, Daddy...I love you

Daddy and me...around 1955 in San Diego, Ca