Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sunday Morning

Good morning, our town had its 4th of July celebration yesterday....with fire works in the evening....I don't know why they celebrate almost a week early but that is the way it is....they have a parade and then festivities in the park afterwards.

The weatherman had predicted a hot weekend but it turned out nicely, only a tad warm in the afternoon yesterday....we are still doing clean up in the garden, lots of weeds to tackle...Paul James (the gardener guy on HGTV) said once that 60% of what he does is weeding. My least favorite thing to do but that's the way it is too.

Our tomatoes are starting to produce! We picked the first ones and ate some right off the vine...delicious! Then we strolled over to the nectarine tree and munched a few is good.....

glad you like the postcards!