Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fig Jam and Fabric Tags

Yesterday we made 6 half pints of sugar free fig is soo good...the fresh flavor shines......its so good in fact, we decided to make more in the coming weeks....this is the recipe we used which is very to make fig jam..we used Splenda instead of sugar......we will be pickling some also and got the ingredients ..we just  need to wait a day or two for more figs to ripen..
things have changed quite a bit since we last did serious canning..they now have packages of spices for different types of tomato sauces..we picked out one package to try..for pizza sauce...
.found these at Walmart. A favorite thing to do on a Saturday night is make homemade pizza.
We spent Friday night making tomato sauce and canning whole tomatoes...made 7 3 qts, of canned we can make pizza sauce too!
I bought the new "Clash of  the  Titans" and frankly, we both like the old one better...we used to call our youngest "the Kracken" when he was little as he was such a roughneck....

.I've started stitching holiday is the 3 that have been completed..

These need to be trimmed slightly and washed but they are basically done....the pattern is from Primitive Stitches..she has several new patterns out..
I sold quite a few tags last year, including this pattern..its one of my personal favorites....they make cute card enclosures, bookmarks or even to hang from the tree or on a doorknob, wreath..or a peg shelf...