Thursday, August 19, 2010

Halloween Table Mat

Here is the fall/Halloween table mat I made..sewed it up yesterday...I really like it although looking at it, I can see the border fabric pattern is not quite even....most of our fall/Halloween decorating items were torched so I think I will just keep it and use it this October with a large candle.....the pattern is from Primitive Stitches.....
I've gotten alot of her epatterns and just love them..easy to stitch..and reasonably can also order them on cardstock if you don't like epatterns which I love..instant satisfaction! She treats the fabric with a primitive tea dying mix so hers look more country..I kinda like them less prim but that's just me....I know primitive is very popular...I also completed the other tag and have this set in my shop..if anyone is interested...the holidays are coming!

Yesterday it was hot hot hot..our outside thermometer registered 102 although the official temperature was "only" 92. The backyard tends to be both hotter and colder than most of Menifee..I think its because we are in a little low area..the road behind our house is at least 15 ft. higher. that our backyard....I had mentioned the road was being worked on and the noise level is much better now, which surprised us.....when we moved in, there was 8 telephone poles behind the wall we had to look at while in the backyard..I asked the Lord to remove them...not really thinking too much about was really in jest..a week later, the poles were all taken down...Thank you! Amazing how He surprises us sometimes, huh?