Friday, August 13, 2010

America in Color

Not a long post today...I was just on Facebook and one of my pages had this wonderful link website I wanted to share..the most fantastic photos of American during the depression in color..they were taken originally from slides...please check it does take a few seconds to load as there are so many (at least with my camera) parents lived during this time as young people..what a generation! 

Captured: America in color

I had posted  before about my parents, growing up in Spokane, Washington during the 1930s...they married in 1939 and at first, before the war...baked pies to sell in grocery stores. My granddad owned a bakery....

Grandpa and Mama, 1936
Anyway, I know you will greatly enjoy the link and photos..and as I did, gain a greater insight into those hard times..we are anticipating something similar as this depression/recession lingers on..especially with the Bush tax cuts gone next year....we are still seeing tons of foreclosures here..both commercial and residential.