Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Thoughts of Decorating and ..gasp..tomatoes!

Thought I'd take a break from canning...its tomatoes again today.....I like to do two types of decorating...I like both primitive and cottage....our house is a mismash of sorts, like most we've inherited and collected things we love.......the below blogs reflect that.....

I like Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas for her "bling"..her decorating style and her creations remind me of the 50s and my own sweet mama.....even the music she's selected reflect the laid back elegance...shabby chic...visiting her blog makes me feel sitting in my mama's kitchen for tea, served as she always did in a pretty tea pot.

Another blog Sweet Magnolia's Farm 
has some of the same sweet cottage feel.....this lady is so talented with her shabby chic creations..and she's a local! She lives right her in our own fact, if  you visit her blog today, you'll see a lake out her window...that's the lake my son works at as a lake monitor.......

A third in this same venue is Paint Me White ..this lady, who is in Australia paints most of her furniture white and somehow it works......with 4 men in the house, wouldn't work for me but she does it and its wonderful..

For Shabby country....Amy's Vintage Cottage is to junk, junk to live..she can take a dumpster diving find and make it beautiful....amazing!

well..back to reality...tomatoes away!