Monday, August 9, 2010

Recipe Club, Soup, and Peach Pie

I just discovered on Facebook the Just a Pinch Recipe thing the ladies in our family have always done is share and enjoy recipes...since most of my family has passed away, I really miss the mom and aunts would pour over recipes, drink coffee and have such a good time.....I am hoping for something similar by joining....sharing good recipes and discovering new ones or improved ones is fun....
This morning, I turned this

into this

and then canned 5 qts of it...its absolutely the most delish tomato soup I've ever had.......I can't claim any the recipe from Oodlekadoodle Primitives
she's been posting for several weeks, canning recipes..this week its making your own pie filling, yummy! we buy sugar free pie filling from Walmart but its expensive, even something we will probably want to do.....maybe some peach pie filling as Alan (again) brought home two flats of peaches..they have been so good this year and cheap! Peach pie.....I could use a slice right now!