Monday, June 29, 2009

Solar Panels


I mentioned before about renting solar panels.....this seems to be a good thing.....and I will continue to do more research on this but the gist is that the solar company does a site inspection of your house, and if it meets the requirements, you pay a security deposit (refundable) and they install the panels, get the permits, etc. for FREE....then you just pay a flat monthly rate,it doesn't would pay that rate regardless of winter, summer, etc. while utility rates keep going up, yours stays the same....I know in some places, winter heating bills can be killers, ours is summer...we've had bills as high as $400 in a hot summer with the AC.

There are good things about this will transfer to the new owners if you sell your increases property value, and you can move it with you one time if you far I haven't found any negatives...there are many sites explaining this, I just am posting one that seems to explain the program well....its called Home Solar USA

I heard about this watching the Planet Green Channel....normally I don't watch this as alot of it is too PC but I do enjoy the TV show Living with Ed...we are interested just in being good stewards and saving money.....I also have a few other links on the left hand side of the blog...we pick and choose what we want to go with..we do recycle, reuse and just makes sense