Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Update

The found birdhouse and ammo box with a Martha Washington geranium cutting...
Our peach tree is loaded
these are yellow peppers....can hardly wait!
The first time we've ever grown Japanese egg plant...they are getting big enough to harvest soon.....I think we will grill them like we do the yellow summer squash..we've been eating squash lot but not tired of it yet.....its so good grilled with a little olive oil and Parmesan cheese sprinkled on afterward tomatoes yet although the plants are loaded with green ones.....we've had a very overcast and cool June, this last week has been sunnier....

We both agree that the garden is doing fairly well considering how poor the soil is....still lots of rocks and decomposed future years, it will be better as we work to improve it and get more rocks out...but this is the best location so far for the garden....when we first moved here, we planted it on the large side of the house, but it did very just gets too hot the fig tree is in that location and doesn't seem to mind the as fast as its growing gives us shade on that side of the house. Its loaded with green figs too and we are awaiting some fig bars and fresh figs
We covered the ground on that side of the house with mulch which seems to help with the heat also and also keeps the weeds down......behind the fig tree against the fence line, we planted blackberry and boysenberry bushes...yes, our yard is that large...they've taken off this year and are starting to reward us with a few berries. They don't mind the heat either so far.
so how is your garden growing?