Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Here is the graduating class of 2009..our son is there was a cool windy day and everyone anticipated rain but it didn't happen.......I didn't get very good photos though...and hope Alan's are better than mine...we also talked to one of his teachers who promised to find out about the photographer that was there so perhaps we can buy a few.....

as he got his diploma, they are supposed to do a pose for the photographer, and of course, Matt put his arm over the school Presidents shoulder...everyone laughed.
This is the greatest charter school and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about putting their child into a school who really cares about the students....the classroom size is small and there lots of options of child learns the same way. Matt has flourished in this school and only wishes he could have started sooner.....its called River Springs and if you are reading this and a local parent you might want to check it out.

Sunday, in the afternoon, we were called to go to Adelanto, in the high desert to re key a house. It was a nice drive up through the Cajon Pass. I have posted photos before but didn't show you the California aquaduct that winds its way through the mountains

this brings needed water from Northern California...
here is another snapshot of the pass
We always find this area beautiful and matter what time of year....I remember riding with my parents through here on the old 395 when it was just a 4 lane of course, this is the interstate 15. We could look down in some areas and see the old highway and wondered if it went all the way would be fun to drive on it.
Adelanto is kind of a sad place in a way.....the city a few years ago decided to allow builders to use good desert land for housing tracts....and there are many with hardly any homeowners...lots of empty homes, nice ones too with granite countertops, Italian tile floors, lots of extras just wasting away....on the street we were working on, I think there were only about 5 homeowners and 20 houses..most were empty. Like a ghost town. There were signs up advertising way under the market around $50,000 and no takers....
The house we re keyed had never been lived in but used as storage for some kind of lighting company..we really couldn't figure it out....the living room was full to the ceiling the boxes of glass inserts for lamps, lamp parts, etc.

The house itself was very nice...but we were happy to just do the re keying and not the clean out.....the 4 bedrooms were full of boxes, lamp parts, plumbing items, etc.

Its never a dull moment!