Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week..Dozer!

This is Dozer, a male Pomeranian. he is up to date with all his shots and a clean bill of health, he's very friendly and just needs a little time to adjust when he gets his new home...he does listen and is fairly obediant..
I really like Poms, they always look like they are smiling....they do need grooming though, when Dozer first came to the rescue, he was matted and dirty, a good haircut makes all the difference. I am sure he is happier getting all the heavy coat off for the summer too....
You can find Dozer at the Sun City K-9 Rescue

You may wonder where the dogs names come from? Most of the rescues are unknowns, some who are turned in by their owners have names but many do not, the staff gives them names and I think its great that they are not just numbers like in the county shelters....the names are always imaginative!
Our weather has been warm and a little humid. It actually sprinkled a little on Monday...we harvested our first eggplant, and found some giant zucchini I overlooked...easy to the color just blends in with the leaves.....we will probably have these tonight..
Yesterday Alan and I went for a job in Upland, Ca...I must say I was VERY impressed with the city...just lovely....
we drove down one of the main boulevards..there was a center section that had walking trails and huge old trees..the houses were very nice and on large lots..there was a feeling of grace and elegance about the city.
This isn't the greatest photo....I didn't realize the flash was on, and got some reflection but you can see the huge old trees on the right.
The house we re keyed was in a up scale neighborhood. It was a house you might think a celebrity would live in..just lovely with large stained glass double doors in the front entry......a spiral staircase in the back with a large pool and spa. We really enjoyed visiting the house and the city......Upland used to be a grape and agriculture area and has many interesting historical homes, from small Arts and Crafts cottages to large Victorian mansions.....some have tours.

We've visited many cities due to our locksmithing and two cities so far stand out....Upland and Redlands as great places to explore. If you are like me, enjoy architecture and history these are two places I recommend to visit here in Southern California.