Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Chat about a Variety of Things

We've been working, working, working..so many calls, so little time to blog.....so many foreclosures...rather sad and today a realtor says there are tons more. June has been our biggest month ever....we've both been very tired with lots of driving....the van isn't the most comfortable vehicle to ride in....I hope not to go tomorrow....Alan has a lockout and that is all so far. But we've been getting an average of about 3 calls a day from REO realtors.

We made fish tacos this evening, they were so good....we all love fish tacos......you just cook the tortilla shells, then add your cooked fish (we used fish sticks, the easy way out), a little ranch dressing or sour cream (I like the dressing), chopped tomato, cabbage and avocado....yum...we also had black beans, and sliced oranges for dessert. Simple, healthy and good.

Gas prices are sure going up......we got through alot with the amount of driving we do. Its crept up to about $3.00 a gallon, sometimes we can find it for a little less by careful shopping. Is it just because its summer?

Last but not least, I've been having a blast playing Farm on Facebook. I didn't think I would like Facebook and although several invited me, resisted. But after taking the plunge, find it really nice...I've reconnected with several old friends I haven't heard of in 30 years, discovered some new distant family members and generally am having fun!