Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Tiny Visitor and more!

Alan was watering the garden the other evening, and thought a big bug flew by....he accidentally drenched this little guy who wasn't too happy...ever see a baby hummingbird? He sat there for some time, preening his wings and calling for his it was getting dark, we were a little anxious, but in the morning he was gone. You can't really see his size in the photo but he was about as big as a bumble bee, I zoomed in for the photo. The white dots on his beak are water droplets....

Remember a past post when we went up in the high desert, Adlento and I told you about the house that had been used for storage? Well we found a ammo box full of old pipe threaders...the ammo box I used as a planter outside with a geranium cutting and sat looking at the pipe's what I came up with...I think they look cool.

They make perfect candle sticks holders!