Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Flag Day!

Did you know that June 14th is Flag Day? We have our flags outside and so do some of the was declared Flag Day in August of 1949 by President Harry Truman. I got this graphic from Penniwig's...she has tons of darling free graphics.....

A nice quiet Sunday, Alan and I worked outside this afternoon in the garden and patio...we moved our bird feeder to a shepherds hook as having it next to the patio was getting too messy...seeds and yuck bird droppings....we put the feeder out in an area we are going to be making a flower bed in the future.

Yesterday we explored the little Sun City shopping center and discovered a new chocolate shop! The two ladies that run it were so pleasant and the shop so attractive, we knew we'd discovered a find. They also make sugar free chocolates and fudge which delighted Alan...he loves chocolate but being diabetic, has to be careful..he bought a few pieces and they gave him samples so he got his chocolate "fix". He also got his hair cut at the nearby new barber shop which two young men
own...alot of new businesses are moving into the old center which is exciting and we wish them well....
while he was getting his hair cut, Matthew and I strolled over to the local thrift shop, and I found a treasure trove of great crochet, and counted cross stitch patterns..and Matt found a sweet little gift box with 3 handblown glass angels to give his girlfriend..all the proceeds from the thrift shop go to feed the its for a good cause.
Here is just one of the patterns I found...I listed it in my etsy shop, Daniv1951

These would sure make nice little tuckins to put in a birthday card or gift book...rather easy to crochet too....
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