Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week, Meet Brewster +

This is little Brewster, a one year old terrier mix...he is quite the character with lots of personality...high energy like all terriers....loves other dogs, cats and children...he loves to play fetch and loves people..he needs to be with someone who can be with him as when he gets bored and alone, he tends to dig. You can find out more about the Sun City K-9 Rescue here

When we went to the graduation, a older lady brought a dog carrier with this little charmer
I think her name is Michelle as that is the name on the water bottle...she even had a pearl necklace and was quite the fashion statement in a black and white sun dress with a flounce....we have mixed feelings about this....Its ok but personally, I wouldn't try to make a dog into a human. She did look cute.

On another dear friend Sandi, sent me the link to the Freedom Rock in Rural Iowa.....last year when I first started blogging, I had photos and the link but have since lost was very happy when she shared with us again..

there are too many photos now to post but here is the link
from last year and prior years.....I think its incredible and a fitting memorial to our military.

Our weather has been gray and overcast for days......On Sunday afternoon, we had lightening storms, hail and rain....gray ever since...not good for the garden, tomatoes and other veggies.....
I heard the national weather report and it doesn't look good for the rest of the country either...
We did harvest a few more summer squash, wax beans and beets for supper.......