Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week + An Adventure

Meet Fiore...a West Highland terrier mix, true Westies are white ...he was found running loose in the Lakes area of Menifee..very well behaved, housebroken and ready for his forever home...a real cutie who gets along with other dogs and loves children....very mellow..he is small....chocolate brown and white..the vet says he's about 3 years old, up to date with his shots, and just needs a chance. Westies are great little dogs, who get along with everyone with the right leadership..strong for their size and great watchdogs, originally from Scotland. You can find Mr. Fiore and many other great dogs at the Sun City K-9 rescue Don says they've gotten in quite a few new dogs and he hasn't had time to put them all on the website..

Well, I said an adventure and we did have one...the whole day was something out of Twilight Zone....the day started out well, we decided to go over the Ortega Highway into Orange County. There are only two ways to get to the coast, the highway or go north across the freeway...we like the scenic route when we aren't on a time table........
the beginning of the highway is a series of switchbacks up the side of the mountain...ending with a scenic turnout where I took this photo of Lake Elsinore

the rest of the highway has many curves, mountain type driving, camp grounds, wildflowers, etc. lots to ends in San Juan Capistrano which is a pretty town and then we went north finally reaching our destination in Santa Ana....we hadn't been there before but soon found out, we don't want to go back we were waiting for a large group middle school children to cross the road where we had to turn into, two young men, probably 13 or 14 stopped in the middle of the street, one pulled out something we couldn't seen, and the other leaned down, covered his face and when he raised up, we saw he had some kind of crack or meth pipe in his hand and had taken a hit...he wasn't a bit shy about showing what he was doing, but looked at us defiantly.

I wish I had take a photo but Alan said it wouldn't have been a good idea. I would have sent it to the school and maybe they could figure out what student it was and get them some help...these are boys in serious trouble already in life. As I was in the house, I prayed for them..and wondered if anyone had ever prayed for them.

Needless to say, it kinda ruined the day....the house was in a bad area of town but we didn't have any problems.....locksmiths tend to be ignored and are no threat to anyone. Its obvious we have no money either, but we always take some precautions...

I will try to make this post shorter.....after we left, we thought we'd get some gas as it was cheaper there.....our gas card wouldn't work. Alan had got one of those ARCO ATM cards and they have a limit how much you can use...then he went into a grocery store to use the bathroom and get some cold drinks for the trip the bathroom was a homeless man who sang, groaned and talked to himself..and outside the bathroom was a Mexican woman loudly scolding a man in Spanish...the adventure continued when he went to the cashier to buy an apple, 2 sodas..the apple rang up at $62.95.! The clerk said, Oh, my...and it took some time to straighten out.
We were really glad to get out of town, believe me! and had to what else could happen?
well, as we were driving back over the mountain highway....someone in a small sports car, tailgated us for half the trip, literally almost pushing us down the windy road, he got so close, Alan couldn't see him in the rear window or mirrors.

....believe me, going 50 mph around sharp 30 mph curves is no fun...the van needs two back tires, not much tread. (he's getting tires today) I am thankful he's an excellent driver and it only ended when Alan was able to pull off at our favorite little candy let him by
Chocolate was a comfort..
a big comfort.....
as well as a lot of prayer
Did I mention Twilight Zone?