Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Chat

We re keyed 4 homes yesterday...3 were condos, and we found this cute little birdhouse at one..its not too practical but cute....today, Alan has two jobs this morning and then I am going with him to Santa Ana this afternoon for another job.......I learned something new yesterday! I now know how to use the key machine and cut keys......not very hard and kinda fun...he has key machine in the van and I cut 13 keys...only messed up 4 so that's not too bad for the first time.
These were all foreclosed properties.......the only condo I liked was one in El Cajon....the architecture was Mediterranean and all the units faced the parking area .....the condo itself was very nice, clean and modern looking....very quiet area with lots of birds...seemed very pleasant
It had a large backyard patio area too, enough to garden
You can't see it from this photo, but as you walk through to the front, there on the left, it opens into a pretty garden area...it had a fireplace too........we are re keying more condos lately, most of them aren't anything to really talk about...but this one had a nice design....the upstairs bedroom had a outside balcony that reminded me of Romeo and Juliet.
I don't know if you enjoy reading about our locksmithing adventures..hope so..
here are a few photos of our drive....Alan wanted me to take a photo of this unusual water tower

this is a photo of driving into the San Luis Rey River valley...very pretty area