Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week

I had briefly mentioned this this wonderful pure bred Pomeranian last week, but as he is such a nice dog, thought I would feature him today...his name is Ford and this photo was taken before he was groomed...he has a nice haircut now....he weighs about 15 lbs. and believe it or not was found as a one has claimed this friendly family friend so he is waiting for his new home....
I also thought you might like to be introduced to the staff.....of course, you have seen our son before, Don who is holding one of pups, next to him is Elizabeth, the owner (90 years old this year!), then Kim and Glen, a retired couple. There are many volunteers also that come each day to walk and play with the dogs....there is no want of love here!
Right now they are trying to raise funds to buy a new micro-chip scanner...when each dog comes in, they are immediately scanned and if they are chipped, the owner is contacted...the old scanner is showing its age and needs to be replaced....a new scanner costs about $250...they accept Paypal, and also can take any gift cards you may not be using. You can find out more on the Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue site.
A few of the dogs are fostered out and they are always in need of more foster parents...the rescue would supply all needed food and vet care.

I found the Agricultural committee site where the bill #875 will be discussed...the link is here
Gov.Track is a great site and is written so that the average reader can understand it most of the keeps track of all the bills, has links to all the members of Congress, etc. if you are interested in our government, please bookmark it at Gov.Track US you can also see the statistics on every congressman or woman, and I am definitely checking them the next election we have..we all should to see if they live up to the 9 Principles and 12 Values of the 912 Project I think if each member of congress knew that they were being closely watched, they may be more responsible...
Us baby boomers and seniors may not be able to do as much physically as younger people, but we can write, call and email. We can influence and we can pray.
Again, this is totally bipartisan....both parties got us in this mess...and regardless if you are liberal, conservative or moderate, we all want the "business as usual" to stop.