Friday, March 13, 2009

More new Biblical Discoveries!

Royal Seal on neck of pottery bottle

As you know, I am very interested in ancient history and especially biblical archeology....I just heard about more biblical era Royal Seals being found in the Jerusalem hills. These date back to the time of King Hezekiah..the seals were from two of his high-ranking administrators. You can read more about it here These were found in a excavation of a small village..along with the seals, they found a large building, a courtyard with pits, underground silos, a kiln and much pottery...the villages original name was Netofa which is mentioned in the second book of Samuel 23:28-29 as the birthplace of two of King David's warriors.

Lately more and more discoveries are being made that are contrary to many teaching in the colleges that deny the Bible as being historically correct which is far from the case.

The other day, I noticed all our birds by our feeder scattered and then this little guy came down to check things out....sorry, the photos a little blurry.....from our bird book, I think this is a American Kestral...he's not very large but deadly to small birds and reptiles which we have alot of in our yard. A few weeks ago, Alan noticed alot of feathers on the lawn and we figured this critter had gotten lucky.....

They have to survive too so we don't feel too bad if he gets dinner at our house once in a while...the doves are very wary.....I don't think he would bother the duck when we bring her home...she's way larger then him and I don't think we'd let her out until someone was in the yard with her. As its getting warmer, I will be spending more time outside.