Saturday, March 28, 2009

A New Sofa!

We are really grateful and surprised as one of our neighbors gave us this brand new sofa! They had it in their garage and never used it...perfect in every way and very clean...we couldn't believe that it was the exact color of green we both love. God is so good....our old sofa was very comfortable but very worn and dirty....
The new sofa has some extra features, both ends are like a recliner and the middle flips down with places to put drinks, it also has a bottom drawer. I put some throws in there which we soon not be needing as its getting warmer.
The plates you see above the sofa, we bought back in Iowa in the 80s...they are commemorative plates depicting buildings from Alan's home town....there were a total of 14 plates, but we missed out one year so only have 12. We've tried at different times to find the missing two.

Its been so nice, yesterday I opened up the French doors to let the sunshine and fresh air in. I just love these doors...the cats love them too and will sit for hours watching the birds.

Our next door neighbors daughter is turning 15 today. They are planning a blowout party for her as its her Quinceanera or coming out party....they've been busy all week, cleaning the backyard, and today tables are being set up....they have a huge family so it will be a neighborhood event. We loaned them our outdoor fireplace and have been invited.