Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our weather has been wonderful, in the 70s most days and the nectarine tree is in full bloom...I had fun the other day taking some macro photos and captured a bee at work...
Our barrel of leaf lettuce is doing well, and we've been harvesting what we need every day for salads...we've done this for about 3 years and it works well, just break off what you need and it just keeps growing....this will last to well into we have the shade cloth, it may last through summer this year. The plant on the upper right is our rhubarb which is just starting to leaf out...
The tomatoes, and cabbage are doing well too...getting larger and the cabbage is starting to curl.
One of us checks them every day for any signs of bugs, always a problem far so good. The summer squash is growing also as well as the beets.
We did all container type growing, we couldn't find the right boxes (that we could afford anyway) and decided to just use what we had or could find for free. I'd like to plant some yellow and red peppers so am looking for a nice sized pot or something at garage or estate sales this week.....there really is no reason to buy expensive containers....even deep drawers will work.
Just to let you consider, the economy will probably go into inflation in a year to two , from the influx of stimulus money....we've lived through inflation before and its not if you need any major appliance....I'd buy it as soon as I could before inflation hits us. Our washer and dryer are getting old, and the dryer is starting to make noises that are suspect but we may just put a clothes line.
The Hillbilly Housewife has a great download, its a PDF file on how to cut your grocery bill in half....we've cut back but it hasn't been as healthy eating as I would like so I downloaded the file and when I get more time will be studying it. You can find it here and it is free. With so many struggling, losing jobs and getting hours cut back, we all need to help each other as much as possible. Many in the 9-12 movement are starting to grow gardens and plan on sharing as much as possible with their know there are over a quarter of a million in the movement now? and in less than two weeks! Please join if you haven't already....