Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week

This is little Daffy, who was found wandering the streets....notices were put out but no one has claimed her...she is a sweet Rat Terrier about 1- 2 years old...a little shy but the ears! Don says the rescue is "full up" right now with so many out out of their homes and unable to care for their animals....its really sad and these poor innocents suffer the most, being abandoned from their families. If Daffy is the one for you and you live in the area..please visit!

If you can help a little in caring for these little ones, please visit the Sun City K-9 Dog rescue, they take Paypal and its tax deductable...every bit goes into their care, food, shelter and vet bills....the vet they have often gives them reduced charges but it still costs as each dog that comes in, gets a complete vet visit - physical, shots and either spayed or neutered. Some times dogs come in who have been hurt, and need more intensive care. (remember Snuggles?) and of course, heavy coated dogs, need grooming on a monthly basis like this pretty Pom whose name is Ford.....

Any amount is very gratefully accepted and if they could talk, they would thank you too.