Monday, March 9, 2009

The Simple Womans Daybook, March 9th Entry

FOR TODAY - March 9th, 2009...
Outside my window...the birds have devoured all the seed out of our feeder...Alan keeps filling it and they keep emptying it....yesterday, when I went outside, there was about a dozen mourning doves, I think we are feeding the entire dove population of Menifee...they are such sweet birds.

I am thankful for.....spring is coming! all our tomatoes are flowering and there are even a few baby tomatoes on the plants! The beet seeds I planted about a week ago are emerging and the squash is flourishing....we are excited as the fruit trees are really budding and it won't be long for the spring showing of white and pink.

From the kitchen....not much going on this morning but over the weekend I tried a new recipe for scones...were they ever good! The boys want me to make more which tells you something.
the recipe called for cranberries but I didn't have any so used raisins and chopped walnuts. They were buttery, flakey and very yummy.

I am favorite jeans, sneakers, and a black T shirt..just washed my hair.

I am creating.....more tea towels..I have a photo on my other crafting blog...Cora sent me the nicest white tea towels, I can't really describe them as flour sack, they are heavy and very high quality. I am using an Aunt Martha pattern of different types of coffees.

I am shopping later....thinking about getting some corned beef, cabbage for St. Paddys day....I was emailed a recipe for it from Pillsbury using the crock pot...and there is a recipe for a horseradish sauce too.

I am reading......God's word...every day.......haven't read much else lately..I've been reading Isaiah. One of my good friends sent me a book for my birthday which I will start soon.

I am hoping....we will get more payments this week....we did get some so we can pay our mortgage but need more for other bills.....

I am hearing.....Alan's computer chair squeaking...our computers are side by side...he's working on a slideshow of a moon eclipse. The house is very quiet...kinda nice.

Around the house........just finished a load of laundry which will go in the dryer....I don't have a clothes line but would like one to save energy...need to vacuum too. We all helped clean out the garage yesterday...what a difference! now I can use the tread mill.

A few plans for the rest of the week...more weeding outside, I got another 2/3 done yesterday and have another 1/3 to go...lots of weeds after the rain we had...I also need to clean out the bird bath and refill had alot of sludge in the bottom so I laid it on its side. I'll get a stiff brush to scrub it out. I'd really like to get some pretty flowers to plant but probably won't right now...I'd like some more petunias like we had last year....

Here is a picture to share..
This was taken last year.....I've trimmed all our rose bushes so we should have some nice blooms later this spring and summer...the roses don't mind the heat of our summers as long as they have plenty of water.....and I dig in a handful of epsom salts about once a month or so....

well, there ya go....I joined the Simple Woman day book....

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