Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Chat about a Variety of Things

Today is another lovely sunny but cool day....I took our soon- to- be- graduate to school for his geometry class and then home again...Alan got two calls, both of which are to be invoiced...

I discovered last night that someone took all my money out of my paypal account!!....I was very steamed of course, and reported it to PP. I didn't have much in there right now, fortunately but still......checked this morning and its listed as pending whatever that means......I am thinking of closing that account down and creating a new one with different email address and password, think that would be a good idea? I do. I've been trying to save money in that account so I can purchase our sons cap and gown for graduation. Its always something, isn't it?

Glenn Beck is part of a movement called "We Surround Them" if you haven't heard of this, here is the link to his site.....Glenn Beck
This Friday there will be the unveiling of the movement on Fox ..March 13th....at 5:00 Eastern Time....if you believe as I do in the 12 Values and 9 Principles..please join us...there will be viewing parties all over the United States to watch and many radio stations are joining in too.
Unfortunately there is no viewing parties close to us but we will be watching.

Well...its a weeding day today I guess...should go out and finish the job.....the tomatoes that have set are the cherry tomatoes.....they are always so good in salads...we have a yellow tomato growing too and they usually do well for us, better than the red ones for some reason. We've been enjoying the lettuce and have salad about every night. The great thing about leaf lettuce is that it can grow until the weather gets too hot, just pull off leaves as you need them and the plants keep growing......the beets have all come up and are growing....I like them for the greens as much or more than the beets themselves. I'd like to get one or two pepper plants soon.

Here are another photo of our roses from last year..hope you all have a great Tuesday!