Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday thoughts

Another beautiful spring day...a little windy....I woke up early with a mega sinus headache so knew it was hayfever time....
Last Sunday night, I had a dream in which we found a box in our bedroom, when I opened it, it was full of money....and the Lord said in a clear voice, I will provide for all your know how we've struggled so with this new business...
well, the next day, we got 3 checks in the mail, and 3 jobs. Every day this week, Alan has been he had a long talk with the realtors who owe us so much...they agreed to pay Alan as they didn't realize they were up to 3 months over due. We've been getting calls from new homeowners which is encouraging.
I've also noticed the houses that are for sale on the block are getting alot of people looking so perhaps the housing market will pick up soon. Houses are so cheap here now...we have re keyed some that were in the $50,000 range...a great time to buy.

I've been finding my way around the 9-12 Project and found this video that really explains the different forms of government, what our founding fathers intended...and want to share it with my readers...its easy to understand and lasts about 10 minutes...good for middle schoolers, high schoolers, and adults....please bookmark the site and share with your family and kids as I don't
think this is taught in school least not as well as this video does.
The American Form of Government

Also there is a rally being planned here in Southern California to meet in Simi Valley at President Reagan's Library for the Southern Californian 912 groups....It will be in May and the dates have not yet been decided. There may be TV crews there and Glen as well as many assemblymen, etc. have been invited. We might be on TV!