Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Pet of the Week

Introducing Elvis! Elvis was turned in by a man who had to move into a senior apartment where they didn't allow pets....he is a German Shephard who needs someone to love him. He will give back so much to the right person...he is trained, intelligent and loves people. He'd make a
great family and companion dog. Isn't he handsome? I love his shiny black fur. You will find him at Sun City K9 Dog Rescue here in Sun City, Ca.

Good news! Little Oliver found his forever home just a few days after I posted his photo.

We got the patio cover almost done. Alan put the rest of the slates on the roof and just has to screw them down. Plus we will put the shade cloth up. We cleaned up the patio last night and all I
need to do is scrub a few paint spots that managed to get on the concrete with a wire brush and some degreaser. Shouldn't be too hard.

He doesn't have any jobs scheduled for today so perhaps if we don't get any calls, he can take a few photos for to show you my first finished apron and the before and after photos of the patio cover.

Our weather has turned..yesterday afternoon it started getting cooler, then the breeze came up. We had to close the windows as it turned chilly. This morning its in the 40s and breezy. So from in the 90s last weekend to a chilly 40 today....

I won a wonderful old pattern book yesterday on Ebay....the book was written by Rose Wilder Lane, daughter of Laura Engles Wilder. Rather rare......Rose Wilder Lane was the ghost author of all of Laura Engles Little House books.

Its going to be a fun read and has some wonderful old patterns...I think it was written by in the 60s. Cora let me know about it so thanks, Cora! I feel really blessed to get it for what I could afford...these usually go for quite a bit of money...