Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday...a very warm day the 90s...clear and sunny..I went out early this morning and enjoyed our garden.....the strawberry plants are blooming already and we just planted them a few days ago...hope they do well...I've never grown strawberries before but Alan says his family grew them in Iowa....
There are many ladybugs on our citrus trees so I took several and moved them to the rose bushes...lots of aphids for them to feast on....we both really like to use natural means rather than poisons....
Alan just got a locksmith call so he will be heading out...Matt is mowing lawns so the house will be quiet for a few minutes....he mowed our yard yesterday and edged it looks like a park in the back...very green and lush. Alan and Matt are really "into" having a perfect lawn.....some guys are like that...they are always fussing with the sprinklers, fertilizing, etc. but it does look nice.

Still fighting the mom always called it hayfever....mornings and evenings are the worst. I've been taking nyquil at night so I can has been a little better.
I was going to let everyone know that Nancy is having a giveaway on her blog...she is giving away some very nice tags...these would be great to use on greetings cards...she makes such nice things...just click on her blog link, Inside Nanas Head

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