Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Curio Cabinet

Here is a photo of our Victorian curio cabinet...I put the canisters across the top and the bread box is below...right now the cooky jar is on the bottom shelf....its such a nice cabinet......the glassed in cupboard has very old handmade glass...inside are my cookbooks, a old cigar box and my mom's little celluloid doll with some skeleton keys scattered about....on either side of the canisters are two of my collection of old oil lamps....
The two homespun bags have potatoes in one and oranges in the other one...Nancy made those for me.....she's going to be listing some some too in her store...there are labels on them saying Taters and Oranges.....the cloth bags keep the vegies and fruit for spoiling for quite a while....not that they last long in our house anyway!