Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good Tuesday morning! Its supposed to be cooler today, it feels like it will be...the patio cover is almost done...only a few more slats to go....Alan had a job yesterday and it was so hot, he decided to take a day off (from working on the cover)....he has two more jobs today at least...
Our boys decided to go to the beach yesterday...using my car...I was a little leery about the drive as Oceanside is about 45 minutes from here....we checked with our insurance carrier and Donny is covered driving my car...he is a good driver..goes a little faster than I would wish for but it turned out OK. We prayed before they went and they didn't have any problems. He even put some gas in it for me so the boy is growing up. He will be 20 on May 16.
They said they saw helicopters searching the coast line....there had been a fatal shark attack a couple days prior so they were still looking for the shark. Can't keep people out of the water though....
They took a surfboard and a boogie board, and came back sunburned and happy.

Cora from our Glad Tidings Group awarded me this wonderful award...thank you Cora! You are one of my very special friends too....your fellowship, wisdom and humor have uplifted me more than you will know.

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