Friday, April 11, 2008

I thought this little puppy was darling........this is a lemon crate label...our pink lemonade tree is blooming and setting fruit.....I always thought pink lemonade was something made up but no, there is a actual pink lemonade tree....the fruit is a little different looking than a regular lemon...its the same size but is yellow with green is a photo

These trees are a little hard to find at your gardening center....we were fortunate to find one at ours.....they do well in pots so you who live in colder areas can grow these inside...I know they are available for purchase online if you do a search.. when the fruit is cut, it is a nice pink color inside....the tree can't take freezing temperatures and we almost lost ours last year but its made a good recovery with lots of flowers and some set fruit this year..
Our blood orange tree froze also at the same time, its recovered with lots of foliage but no flowers yet.....we would feel badly if we had to replace it as it was a gift from our former home owners association when we moved...Alan and I were on the board of directors. Blood oranges are orange on the outside like a regular orange but with deep red flesh and sweet.....they are not usually shipped so you may not have seen these in the grocery stores...

They are delicious and look wonderful in a fruit salad.
We've had a problem with aphids but I noticed today that the ladybugs are taking care of them....
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