Sunday, April 6, 2008

Another overcast and gray day.....the mama mourning dove is sitting on another clutch of eggs...her first babies have left the nest already....its cute as they hang around for a few days under our rosebushes and sit on the wall, cooing at their mama....I like their low sounds peaceful and comforting..we've had a few hummingbirds visit also on their migration up north...
I'd like to plant a butterfly bush somewhere in the yard for the hummers and butterflies.

Yesterday I used a recipe and made our own laundry soap....I was a little skeptical but honestly it does a good job....sure saves a lot of money and our clothes come out clean and fresh smelling....if you are interested in the can find it on Lea's blog at Farmhouse Blessings...look under the Frugal Friday post,its very easy to make ....we do a lot of laundry with two active teens...I made a batch and put it in an old laundry soap dispenser I had saved for the purpose.
Now if I can find a way to make soap for the dishwasher, we'll be set!