Monday, April 14, 2008

I got two more apron patterns today in the mail...I wanted a simple full apron for myself...something practical that could be worn every day and just throw in the washer....Alan wants one too! I hope my new glasses will be in this week so I can get started. I tend to go overboard on patterns so will have to exercise some self control and not look at any more......
The second pattern I got is about my speed.....Sewing patterns for I said in my group chat....the first thing my home ec teacher assigned us was an apron..made out of netting....very difficult to took me a whole semester to finish it with my mom had a sequined pocket too...I don't know what the teacher was the old machine we had at home was constantly binding and having problems.......for years after, thinking about machine sewing gave me a headache.....I am a crafter but not much of a machine sewer....Fortunately Alan bought me a lovely little machine that never gives me any problems and is easy to adjust.

I found a nice site with midi files on many classic hymns....including the one I posted yesterday for those who would like to hear the tune... scroll down to For the Beauty of the Earth..