Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A little late in posting today...decided to get some housework done first....we got the canisters yesterday, they are really nice...really fit well in our kitchen.....have to get them filled and I will take a photo.....the bread box is perfect for storing all the bread we go through every week....I make a lot of sandwiches every day for my boys..

I also got the apron patterns and a tea cozy pattern......Alan says no one fixes pots of tea anymore...is that true?? The tea cozy patterns are really cute, one is a hen, a cat, a puppy, and a pig...

I thought they were cute and practical.....nothing keeps a pot warm like a tea cozy..
I plan on making the hen or cat for us anyway.....and yes, I do make pots of tea on occasion..

I inherited my mom's tea pot and she used to make tea quite often in the fall and winter.....we used to go to the mall where they had a nice tea/coffee shop to buy loose tea...they had the best Earl Grey I've ever tasted....I make sun tea in the summer...Alan likes this tropical tea we get occasionally when we can find it for sun tea......Donny likes sun tea also so we go through big
jars ...I got a huge jar.....think its a restaurant size mayonnaise jar to make it in....it cleans a lot easier than the jars that are made for sun tea....I run it through the dishwasher....

It occurred to me that I haven't been running any vintage photos so here is one