Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday morning...where does the week go? Been a busy busy week though and we are thankful....I went with Alan yesterday to help him re key two foreclosed houses and then went to Home Depot, got a door and hauled it to the house where he installed it, yesterday afternoon. I came home to see Matt working on his homework as he should be.
He gets two large packets a week to work on and has to turn them in every Thursday...
....afterwards he cleaned his entire room including vaccuming...who is this kid?
Our other older son, Donny, had a friend come over last weekend and together they cleaned his room top to bottom and threw out a small dumpster worth of discarded junk..vaccumed, cleaned and dusted also....WOW!

Just to let everyone know about the dog rescue....all the dogs are checked by a local vet and given shots, and neutered or spayed. So when you get your dog, most of the expense has already been covered...of course, there is a re homing fee.

I am going to re pot one geranium this morning...Alan was moving a large potted geranium on the patio and it he bought a new pot for it yesterday...actually a nicer pot than the former one. He was moving it to get to the lights on our patio...we replaced the light bulbs with some that repel bugs...they seem to work really well......we were getting so many strange insects and moths hovering around our front porch light at night....kinda creepy ....these bulbs seem to have solved that problem.

Is it just us or is Home Depot getting better customer service? We've never really liked them in the past but went as they have things we've needed.....but the last two times we've gone...we've had excellent of the clerks even went out of his way to get us a large rolling flat cart to haul the door on when we couldn't find one...

I hope today or tomorrow to start actually sewing aprons and all the other neat patterns I have gotten....yesterday I was a little dizzy, headachy and disoriented by the new prescription....I bent over to pick something up, got dizzy and almost lost my footing....but by the evening, I could tell my eyes were getting adjusted.
I stayed up later than I usually do and we watched Poirot: Dumb Witness....we both just love David Suchet.