Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hope you have a blessed day today....its been very warm here yesterday and today. We have the fans going full force.....I've been making sun tea and lemonade, refilling the pitchers constantly as Alan has been working so hard to get the patio cover done...its almost completed...only a few more slates to nail up. Then we will cover it all with shade cloth.
He's been so busy with locksmithing jobs too so he works a little and then goes out to a job....we've been getting checks almost daily from one bank....really nice...can't say enough good things about Wells Fargo....they pay their bills on time...the other bank who owes us almost $3,000 could take some lessons..they haven't paid their January invoices yet!....I am not sure if I should mention their name..but it rhymes with base and starts with CH.....

Two tragic murders happened in our backyard yesterday.....our mama dove had both her newborn chicks killed by a terrorist crow...he raided her nest and took both little downy sad...they had just hatched the day before. He also destroyed her nest, the brute....We didn't see it happen but came outside a moment later to watch him enjoying his crime on the back wall with the mama dove watching at a safe distance. Our son wished he had his airsoft gun handy!

Crows are becoming a big problem in the high desert...they are eating the baby desert tortoises who are protected...when they first hatch, their shells are soft. The powers that be are deciding to shoot the crows or poisen them.....they are not naturally found in the high desert...only started appearing in the late 60s....its humans fault actually as the birds follow people for food, in the dumps, etc.