Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday, Condos, Mile High Houses and a crochet link

We had 4 jobs yesterday in North San Diego county....and Oceanside...I've posted about Oceanside many times before...grew up there and graduated from Oceanside High school....it seems like my hometown, although we did move about several times when I was young...(all in Southern California)..my folks are buried at the local cemetery there...so I feel really connected..also my brother has a house there where he plans on retiring to one day, although I think we may have lost him to Hawaii..LOL...where he lives and works now...can't blame him.

We rekeyed two condos..I liked both of them..the first was an older one and needed a little work but was roomy and with a good view..the second was more upscale but much smaller and no view....we both preferred the older one as it had a nice large patio area, and you could go right into the garage from the kitchen...we've found that the older houses and condos have alot nicer features than new ones....

On the way out of town, we stopped to get gas by the freeway when I noticed some "eagle high" houses built up in the hills..talk about isolation!

I don't think the fire department appreciates these, do you? Can you imagine?

On the home front, I'm still working on the redwork towels..will have the set done soon and on its way to the new owner....hope she likes them as much as I've had fun making them.....
I learned how to crochet on my own as a newly wed...my grandmother crocheted but never taught me..I subscribe to the Talking Crochet newsletter and got the email the other day..there are free patterns offered occasionally and this is one of them..I think this afghan is so pretty...am greatly tempted to make it using the colors of our living room...

Granny squares are easy to do, but this is unusual as they are triangle granny squares....the link with the pattern for you crocheters is here
That's all for today....hope you and yours have a great Tuesday!