Friday, October 8, 2010

Jury Duty

a rather spooky!
I spent the day at the courthouse as a prospective juror.....lots of waiting....there were probably close to 400 people there for a 3 week trial..many of us couldn't go for the full 3 weeks so were excused....hopefully they got enough people.....I've been reading the court is having a hard time finding enough jurors hence they call so many.....out of the group I was in..some 85 people..they got 12 that could do it....we watched a movie about jury service which I found interesting and I came away almost wishing I could have served but Alan needs me to work with him......they did mention that the jury salary was slated to go up closer to the federal....that may help many so its not a financial hardship.

Alan is working today putting up a HD antenna..(it looks like a B52 bomber, its so large)..we bought a smaller one but we can only get 6 stations and 4 of them are in other will try this larger one...our oldest son is helping him...hopefully we can get some local stations......I remember the one my Dad put on our roof as a kid....and him having to go up to turn the antenna to get different reception.....back in the cable back then..

Beautiful weather today..warm and in the 70s...chilly at night in the 40s...hopefully we can get some yard work done this weekend....

The Rusty Thimble is having a giveaway of 6 primitive Candy Canes....Christmas will be here before we know it!