Friday, October 22, 2010


I think this little owl is really cute....owls were so popular back in the 70s...they are again..remarkable birds..did you know that owls can only focus on one thing at a time? their eyes cannot turn like ours do..they have to turn their entire head...but they can turn their heads around far more than most animals, although not all the way around...
we discovered the owls we found in our local field are considered endangered...they were really abundant here in California in past years but with all the building, and human encroachment...same old story...lately, wild life experts have noticed more nesting going on which is encouraging.....wild life groups have been building artificial burrows which the birds have taken is an article from the local paper about the owls around Lake Elsinore by the high school...

I guess owls were popular back in the 1880s as I have several embroidery patterns from that is one...

There is not much in the Bible about owls..mostly not to eat them....which makes sense....there is this scripture

I am like a desert owl,
like an owl among the ruins
Psalms 102:6...

and of course, poetry...

The Wise Owl
The wise old owl
Sat in an oak.
The more he saw,
The less he spoke.
The less he spoke,
The more he heard.
Why can't we be like
That wise old bird?

and with that..I will leave you for today.......hope everyone has a good weekend..still cool and rainy here