Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Early Thanksgiving and another postcard!

I got up really early this morning,,,like 5:30....we have alot to do today..lot of errands and such so am posting early.....did much praying too...
Yesterday, while Alan was working, I started cleaning out our garden beds..after the hot summer, and then all the rain we've had..lots of weeds, old corn stalks, etc. it looks alot better now..but do I ache today or what? my legs are protesting today...there are still weeds but at least its started.....and all the larger weeds are gone as well as the vegetable remains..it was a good year for us and we have boxes of canned goods to tide us over...we've already used some of the wonderful tomato soup I canned about 2 months ago....
 I was looking for decorating ideas for Thanksgiving..(we don't start Christmas decorating until a week or so into December)
but this video is so cute.....had to share..

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