Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week

Meet Ally, she is a young German Shepard recently found as a stray...the good person who found her kept her for a few days, trying to find her owner...he says she is very gentle, shows no food aggression, absolutely loves children, is already house broken and knows how to use a doggie door...+ she's not a barker...the ideal pet for a family. She was injured when found, she has a broken knee and will need surgery. If you can help with vet costs, that would be great...just mark it for Ally. Just go to Sun City K-9 Dog Rescue.
The dog rescue has been very busy, a young dog came in and has had 3 puppies! So Don has been very busy, taking care of the new family as well as his regular duties..I will go out to the rescue and perhaps be lucky enough to take a good photo of the pups....for next weeks posting.

As you know I am a 912er and the Project 912 is really growing, the membership is over 340,000 now and in just under 2 weeks from forming....there is a real grassroots movement to tell send a message to Washington....many are getting a little frustrated as calling, and emailing don't seem to be working....most of us get stock answers or no answers...even though they are getting flooded with emails..Nancy Pelosi website has been shut down several times because of the traffic its been getting. There are hundreds of tea parties being held across the nation. Lets make it thousands. The movement is really growing, more and more are becoming convinced that the elite in Washington are too hungry for control. Until we the people tell them with one voice, STOP!
Remember, they work for us......
When the President becomes the CEO of a private company...that is scary and when the government can decide how much money you can make, even scarier.
If you feel like I do, then please join the 9/12 project...just your membership sends a message if you don't have the time or energy to do more.
The 9/12 banner is one the left.