Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Chat

I am under the weather today....heavy allergies, hayfever type........the good news is I had 3 sales in my stores today which I just mailed out......its very windy outside which doesn't help the pollen count. I can't really take many allergy medicines as they knock me right out

I will say I am glad the government is looking into the banks overcharging their customers and raising interest rates...I have one credit card and Citibank raised my rate in January to over 28% interest...never been late and have paid off the card twice before.....they said it was because of the "economic climate"...I feel like these are loan shark rates..so I closed the account and am paying a smaller amount each month until its paid off through a program they have....but can you imagine? 28% interest!!!! These from the people who got a big bail out...and still need more money...its like a black hole...pure greed....

some other good news is our Blue Lake green beans are coming up.....no sign of anything else yet.