Friday, April 24, 2009

Freaky Friday?

I try to keep this blog interesting and usually post about something different every day..I have so many of them is architecture...I've always loved houses and buildings....when I was little, my folks bought me a set of American Brick building blocks and I would spend hours designing little houses....anyway, I was sent some wonderful photos of some very unusual and unique buildings.....there are many so I will post the American and Canada ones today. Next Friday, the European and Asian ones......
This is the basket building in Ohio.....
The Kansas City Public Library

Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada
Ripley's Building, in Ontario, Canada

Wonderworks, in Orlando, Florida
Aren't these wonderful and imaginative? How creative mankind can be! I hope one day to visit some of to go in the to see what they look like inside!
Have a great day!