Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alan with some help from Matt is almost done cutting out the sod. Don is taking it out to the dog rescue. He has two dogs out there that are his, Lady and Bruno. He wants to plant the sod so they will have a cool place to lay on in the summer. The next two days are his days off, so he is going to get some of his buddies to help him load the sod into his truck. We have it covered with the blue tarp that you can see in the back right of the photo. I am glad it won't go to waste and others can enjoy it.
We've gone through our seeds and have quite a few, plus will probably get some starter plants too....Alan wants to plant some eggplant and I want bok choy plus will be fun, I think. We are planning on some flowers too...marigolds and nasturtiums. If you know us, we are always got some project going on!
The weather people say we are in for a hard freeze tonight and rain later this next week...and this is April, quite unusual. I need to remember to cover our strawberries tonight.

We had two jobs today...both REO properties...someone has taken a crow bar to the backdoor of a house and did some minor damage and in the other someone had broken down completely the back door....this seems to be happening more and more. I wrote to Barbara Boxer (our senator) about the banks being so careless about securing the properties..not much else I can do.

We signed up for Verizon FIOS so hopefully the computers will be faster....I probably won't be blogging next Friday as they will be here much of the day setting things up...we are getting the TV, and phones all together too so it will save us some needed funds. We are saving about $40 a month by doing that...and have 30 days to see if we like it or not. We will also be getting $150 back. To be completely honest, we both do like our TV....we like to watch the news, CSI, and old TV shows/movies for the most part.

I am working on more redwork towels.....and using vintage transfers of dancing knife, fork and spoons....they are such a "blast" to do, so happy and full of joy. In this troubled world, we all need a little more joy and humor.
Thought you might enjoy more funny kitty photos....