Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week - Kookie

Don is experimenting with video of some of the dogs, this isn't long but want you to meet Kookie, he is a medium/small white poodle. Poodles make great pets and are good for people who have allergies as they don't shed. They are intelligent and trainable. Someone abandoned Kookie and he was found wandering the neighborhood. He is fairly young, the vet says under 3 years old and just needs a second chance. He is good with other dogs, not aggressive but friendly, and just loves children.

I know his coat look alot better if he could be groomed. One of our neighbors rescued a little white poodle named Daisy, she was very gray, dirty looking and thin. She is groomed on a regular basis by a groomer who has a van and comes to the house.
I will have take a photo of her now. She looks like a new dog, brilliant white with sparkling eyes and a spring in her step. She knows she is beautiful. Her new owner walks her every day and has lost weight herself so it was a happy match for both of them.

The Temecula Tea party was a great success..there were over 1500 people and it was very peaceful...lots of drivers voiced their agreement by honking and waving too.....regardless of what the left wing says, this isn't a racist movement...but then, if you criticize the President, you are automatically branded a racist.....the left just can't figure out that the sleeping lion is waking up ....this Tea Party movement is just in the beginning stages, more to come.......and its more than taxes...alot more and its just not the President..but the entire congress and the "business as usual" system...