Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Dog of the Week - Ally

The dog rescue often gets pure bred dogs and this very nice German Shepherd would make a wonderful pet for a family......her name is Ally and she was found as a one has claimed her...she is about a year old...the person who found her, kept her for a few days trying to find her owner...he says she is very sweet, quiet, doesn't hardly bark, and loves children. He said she is house trained also..can use a doggie door, and dearly loves to cuddle...Ally did need some surgery, she was found with a broken knee....but that has been done.....if you'd like to meet Ally or any of her friends, she can be found at the Sun City K-9 Dog rescue
if you'd like to help with her vet bills, they do accept Paypal and just mark it for Ally.......
I met Ally personally and she is very friendly.

Don told me that they have Chihuahua puppies now so I will try to get some photos for next week......he asked me why I wanted to see them....I am just like a little girl when it comes to puppies, or kittens for that matter......I think we all have a little children inside, don't you? I think one never grows old, if we keep that little child fed occasionally...with a little bit of silly fun, a little fantasy and imagination.