Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Road Trip, Hemet, Ca

Yesterday, I tagged along with Alan and after we rekeyed a house in Hemet, Ca...he decided to drive out into the country, following a new highway until it ended on top of this hill.....it was dirt road and the view was really nice...this is looking toward Diamond Lake.
The large gray buildings you see on the left handside at the top is a museum...they found quite a few fossils in the area, including a mammoth skeleton...that is displayed there.

Loads of large boulders and rocks...there are quite a few homes here too, although I didn't photo them.....great views....I don't think I'd want to live out there though, as its a little far from town...but it was fun visiting....Alan likes these rock photos, he makes online jigsaw puzzles from them.
At home, we have been invaded with ladybugs! Last year, we bought one of those bags of them at the nursery and set them loose in the yard...and they are back again....

This is one of the pepper plants and its really starting to grow, our weather has been quite warm, in the 90s so the peppers and tomatoes have taken off....the Chubby Checkers corn never came up after 3 weeks, so we found some white corn seed and replanted. The Peaches and Cream is up except for a few spots so we reseeded those areas too......the corn seedlings are only about 2 inches and we wanted to replant so the newer won't be too far behind.....the bush beans are up but snails have eaten a few of the leaves, so we put down some snail bait....we had to clear away the mulch from the strawberries too as we found snails hiding under it, and baited those areas ....snails are always a problem here........they love sunflower seedlings too...
so what's happening in your neck of the woods?