Friday, April 3, 2009


Once in a while, I find a story that is so outstanding, compelling, or heart warming, I just have to share it...this story is about an abandoned greyhound in England named Jasmine. She was found in an old shed, whimpering and cowering, dirty and malnourished, clearly abused..she was taken in to the Warwickshire Wildllife Sanctury to recover. They managed to help her get well and were getting her ready to be adopted when she had different ideas.....
She greeted every animal that came into the didn't matter if it was a bunny, fox, owl,..she would peer over into the cage or box and give the frightened animal a lick. She went into full mother mode with a baby deer fawn and makes sure her coat isn't matted....

The fawn, Bramble, and Jasmine walk around the sanctury and are unseparable.

Here are a few photos of Jasmine with her far she has mothered 5 fox cubs, 4 badger cubs, 15 chicks, 8 guinea pigs, two stray puppies, and 15 rabbits.
She cuddles the frightened animals and takes the stress off of them...helps them to get adjusted to their new surroundings. I think she was born for this role.